Ongoing Production

A chance encounter drags taxi driver Ali Riza from his quiet family life into a mafia feud where he must fight for survival, love and justice.

Ali Riza works hard to support his family, giving up his ambitions when his father dies young. He has no time for romance as he brings up his brothers and sisters. But a chance encounter in his taxi draws him into a mafia feud that transforms his life into a fight for survival, love and justice.

His sister Nihan, the light of his life, has fallen in love and is set to marry her brother’s best friend. Fate strikes before the wedding when a woman called Halide is accosted in Ali Riza’s taxi.  He fights off the attacker Burak, only to learn he is the son of Istanbul’s mafia kingpin.

Burak, who is in love with Halide, swears revenge. As it emerges, Burak was in a gang which killed Halide’s mother and brothers, while allowing her to live. When Halide, now a doctor, visits Istanbul for her father’s birthday they are destined to meet again.

Burak takes his chance for vengeance at Nihan’s wedding. But his threats end in tragedy when he accidentally shoots the bride dead. It is now for Ali Riza to seek revenge, plunging into a dangerous world of armed thugs who think nothing of killing to get their way.