Boost or Split

Quiz Show
Daily/Weekly, Prime Time


In the thrilling game show ”Boost or Split”, contestants have the chance to multiply a 1,000 euros money pot as high as millions in a test of knowledge, throwing skills and gambling instinct.

The thrilling show ”Boost or Split” gives its two contestants the chance to win huge sums of money in a test of knowledge, throwing skills and gambling instinct. With 1,000 euros at the start, their goal is to multiply this as high as millions of euros, with the risk of it dwindling to nothing.

The contestants must answer three rounds of three questions. Each right answer offers the chance to boost their winnings by up to 5,000 euros by throwing a ball at the Money Hive grid of 21 boxes. The wrong answer will insert a “Back to Start” box into the grid, threatening to erase any further winnings.

After each round, the contestants multiply or divide their winnings in the “Boost or Split” round, depending on which green or red box they hit in the grid. The maximum “Money Hive” sums rise as high as 20,000 euros in the other rounds before being multiplied or divided up to 10 times in a final “Boost or Split”.

As the winnings rise, the stakes increase in a game which is entertaining for viewers, as well as both nerve-racking and rewarding for contestants prepared to gamble and boost their winnings in the grand finale.