Glam Squad

Reality Competition
Daily, Daytime

The daily reality show “Glam Squad” is the ultimate contest for beauty professionals. Four teams consisting of a hair designer and makeup artist race against time to bring out the best in their gorgeous models, win over the judges and earn a weekly cash prize.

The teams are judged by a panel consisting of a hair stylist, make-up artist and image consultant, with each day bringing a new beauty concept. The teams can discuss the look with their models, but only for the first 10 minutes - the mirrors are then removed so the final result is a surprise for the model!

The judges comment on the teams’ techniques and creativity as they work within time limits to execute their ideas. Once the time is up, the models are invited one-by-one to the podium and the teams are first judged by their competitors before the jury passes judgement.

The teams are marked on a scale of 1 to 5 by each judge and at the weekly finale those with the lowest score are eliminated and a new team takes their place. The highest-scoring duo wins a $2,000 cash prize and prepares for the next week when the “Glam Squad” battle resumes.