30 Apr 2020

Global Agency has announced a new sale for Evermore, one of the most talked-about series of the company’s catalogue. The deal for the drama was signed in South Africa with, which is South Africa’s largest independent free-to-air television channel.

A recent sale for the drama was also closed in El Salvador. With the addition of these countries, the drama will be aired in over 30 countries in various regions. There are on-going negotiations for the drama in several other territories.

“Evermore” has achieved great success in the countries where it has been broadcasted. The series has in particular made a powerful impression in Poland, Romania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Honduras, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Angola and Mozambique; they have therefore acquired the third season. A remake version of the hit series has been a huge hit in the Middle East.

Produced by O3 Productions, “Evermore” is a breathtaking love story of two people from different backgrounds and the struggles they face due to their differences. Three seasons of the drama, totaling 300 episodes, have been aired on Star TV and it has been a leader in the commercial target of Friday nights. “Evermore” is one of the most talked-about drama series not only in Turkey, but also in the world since its premiere.

Especially the international popularity of Ozcan Deniz, the leading actor who is well-known for his stunning performance as the protagonist in A Part of Me, helped Evermore to expand globally. The series also become a phenomenon in Israel.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “We are all in a very difficult period. Covid-19 spread to many regions of the world, causing a very serious health crisis. Just like the rest of the world, we are carefully following the news and statistics about Covid-19; taking advised precautions and staying at home, doing our best to adapt to current conditions; and working hard to be able to shape our own future.

It’s a big challenge to be asked to wait patiently for weeks at home. In these difficult days we try to help our clients by providing good content. We are eager to be a part of it till the end.

We’d like everybody to maintain their positive attitude! We say stay home, stay safe, be with your loved ones and watch TV.