11 May 2020

Global Agency is announcing new sales for Sisters in Middle East, North Macedonia and Uzbekistan. The new deals mark another milestone in the global expansion of the hit drama, which has already been acquired in Bosnia, Romania, Albania, Angola and Mozambique.

The drama will be broadcasted on BeIN in Middle East, on North Macedonia’s Sitel and Uzbekistan’s Milliy TV very soon. In addition to these acquisitions, the script rights of the drama have been sold to Eastwest Television Distribution to be distributed in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhistan, Krygyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The drama was aired on Star TV on prime time and is produced by Gold Film, which is one of the top producers in Turkey and has a proven record with previous productions such as Iffet, Dila and Never Let Go.

This is a story about two sisters, each with different dreams and separate lives. Love and betrayal drive the sisters apart with an enmity deep enough to poison their daughters’ lives when they later cross paths, leaving them destined to face the same ordeal.

Mehmet Aslantu─č from Lady’s Farm and Istanbul Fairytale, Ayça Bingöl from The Outsiders and Time Goes By, Nur Fettaho─člu from Magnificent Century and Forbidden Love are the leading cast members of this engrossing drama.

Global Agency announces that there are ongoing negotiations for the drama in several territories and looks forward to seeing Sisters added to the international programming of many more channels across the world.