Golden Spoon

Cooking Show
Weekly PT
A cooking show where 3 moms compete with professional dishes and the judges are their children.

In the first round, each mom cooks against ready-to-eat meal and professional chef in the second round.

It seems that it is easy for moms to win over professional dishes since they know the taste her child loves the most.

Moreover, children always say ‘mom's dish is the best meal in the world!’ as we interview them before the show.

However, moms hardly win over professional dishes and this makes the show much fun. Can mother’s homemade dish beat that of professional chefs?

Every mother brings up her children with a lot of love. Every child would say “Mama’s dish is the best!”

Also, mothers know their children’s favorite taste. They have been brought up with homemade dish by their mother and kids must like their mother’s homemade dish even better than the dishes made by the first class chefs!

Now in the kitchen at the studio, mothers are given chance to challenge the professionals to keep their pride as a mother and to win the Golden Spoon!

Their little and innocent 4-6 year-old kids are the judges here.

Witness the intense battle for mother’s pride!