29 Jan 2020

Global Agency has made a strong start to 2020 with “The Boy”, acquiring the international rights to the powerful drama. The agency has already signed agreements for the sale of the series in Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

The series, which was produced by 1441 Productions and aired on Star TV, is a moving drama which shines a spotlight on the challenges of motherhood.

At the heart of “The Boy” is a child who is adopted by a wealthy family. It tells the story of a woman, the daughter of a prostitute, who loses hope of escaping her miserable life when her lover beats her and feels she has no choice but to let a wealthy family adopt their baby. Their son’s happiness in his new family evaporates when his adoptive mother gives birth to a child and loses interest in her adopted son. The mansion is cast into turmoil when the family discovers that their enemy is the adopted boy’s father. After the father is released from jail, he goes in search of his lover. Then the lives of all the family are transformed forever.

The momentum of the series is sustained by secrets which are exposed day by day. We see the transformation of the characters; the degeneration of evil characters, the evolution of the good.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “We are delighted to be representing “The Boy” which is a perfect fit in international market. In a very short time the drama has received high interest from buyers. It will be one of our highlights in Miptv.

There are powerful aspects of this series that are reminiscent of the most successful Turkish series which have won the hearts of the audience.

For mothers and their children, life can present the most painful challenges. This is a great story about a girl whose life is turned upside down when she goes in search of the son she gave up for adoption and is drawn into the turmoil of a powerful family which is about to be confronted by her former lover.”

About “The Boy”

The daughter of a prostitute, the beautiful Akça faces a bitter life which is transformed when she falls in love with Hasan. Her dreams of happiness are shattered when the would-be hero beats her when she is pregnant. Her only option is to give up her baby to the wealthy Karasu family.

Akça faces more heartache five years later when she discovers her son has not found happiness with the family of matriarch Asiye. Şule, wife of Asiye’s eldest son Ali Kemal, brings up Akça’s baby Efe, but loses interest in him when her own son Burak is born.

The only hope to save the situation is Ali Kemal, who is put in charge of the family business when his father abandons them. He faces the biggest test of his life when Asiye’s big secret is revealed. They discover that Efe is the son of Hasan, himself Asiye’s illegitimate son.

The Karasu household is thrown into turmoil when Hasan is released from jail and enters the family mansion. Haunted by the pain of losing his only true love, Akca, he goes in search of her. When he discovers that his son is living in the Karasu house, their lives are set to become ever more entangled.

The Cast of “The Boy”:
Nazan Kesal – Mrs Fazilet and Her Daughers, Love and Punishment
Serhat Teoman – My Daughter, Mother, Neverending Song, Kuzey Guney
Ceyda Ateş – Feriha, It’s my life, Seeds of Revenge
Merve Çağıran – Crash, Heartbeat
İsmail Hacıoğlu