Keep Your Light Shining Remastered

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time

Keep Your Light Shining Remastered is a 13-episode singing competition where singers get a few seconds to be in the spotlight and win over two celebrity judges and a spectacular live audience with their incredible voices.

Each episode begins by introducing the seven singers and their singing styles.

Next, the dark stage is illuminated with a spotlight as the music starts. Shining on singer after singer as they sing their heart out for 30 seconds at a time. Each singer needs to continue the song perfectly.

When the song is finished, the jury members deliberate and give one X each to the weakest performer in each round. They have 20 “X” to give out and can both pick the same performer to give an X to if they want. A singer’s spotlight turns to dark when they collect three “X” leaving them in the dark, unable to perform anymore and waiting to find out if they have been eliminated from the episode.

After ten breathtaking songs, six singers will have collected three Xs.  The one singer with only two “X” collects the cash prize and automatically advances to the next episode. The jury can then save four more singers and they too will go to the next episode. Two singers are eliminated and will not return!

In each episode, two new singers join and two are eliminated until the grand finale when one singer wins it all!

Who will win the big cash prize and music career?

Who will disappear into darkness?

And who will make it to the final episode with their light still shining?

Keep Your Light Shining Remastered!