Kids Cook the Funniest Things!

Factual Entertainment
Weekly, Access Prime Time
In ‘Kids Cook The Funniest Things’, the famous chef drafts in a team of top chefs and food scientists to assist him. Together, they put their Willy Wonka style cooking skills to the test as they’re tasked with making children’s most over the top, supersized and super silly food ideas a reality!

Each episode, three hungry kids challenge the celebrity chef and his team to create their weirdest and wildest food fantasies. These ideas will be vibrant and varied, so that kids at home are just as amazed as those in the studio! The kids pose their unique and never-before-seen food ideas to the chefs via video call at the start of the episode. Their ideas are wacky and bizarre – the kind of foods children would never normally get a chance to eat!

The chef carefully plans out how to make their food fantasies a reality before handing the reins over to his expert team to begin testing, experiment and cooking!

We follow all the construction, cooking and testing action in our studio-based kitchen as the chefs experiment and the kids get their hands dirty helping out too!