Reality Dating Show
Weekly, Prime Time

REA(L)OVE is a Japanese reality show that brings together 20 contestants seeking romance in an idyllic beach setting and guided by host celebrities but burdened with a deep secret, injecting a gripping twist into the format and leaving viewers to discover whether love survives or dies when the truth emerges.

The Japanese reality show REA(L)OVE injects a gripping twist into the format, bringing together 20 contestants seeking romance but burdened with a deep secret. Viewers enjoy the thrill of watching the reactions of their potential partners as the truth emerges and discovering if the romance survives the reality or dies.
Diverse characters are assembled in an idyllic beach setting, with secrets ranging from being fraudsters, adulterers and bankrupts, to victims of sexual crimes, cross dressers and porn actors. Host celebrities are keeping their eyes on their journey and guiding viewers to empathize with contestants easily over the three days and two nights they spend together.

The men and women schmooze and seek to pair off and reveal their scandalous or surprising backgrounds one by one over the three days, triggering shock, panic or relief. The revelations give a powerful and moving insight into the psychology of each person that will resonate with many viewers and stir household debate.

The show reveals from close quarters the emotional rollercoaster experienced by the contestants as the truth emerges over nine episodes. Ultimately, each must decide whether they can fall in love with their prospective partner once they find out the reality. For some love may blossom but some hearts are bound to be broken.