16 May 2024

Global Agency’s new hit drama “Red Roses” has been renewed for Season 2. The drama has been a great success. The production company “Gold” has begun preparations for the series' sequel season and announced that new episodes will be coming soon, with viewers eagerly awaiting them. The drama is being aired on FOX on prime time and has 62 commercial hours for the first season.

The captivating drama managed to attract great interest from viewers during its first season and gained a solid place for itself in the Turkish television world. The series has attracted a lot of attention with its impressive script, strong acting performances and stunning production quality. The drama’s first season is one of the most talked about series in Turkey. Since the day it was first broadcast, it has been by far the highest rated series on Mondays. The drama achieved a 10.44 rating and a 30.73 share in commercial demo and topped the rankings. In ABC1 20+ it had a 10.96 rating and a 27.95 share, with a 7.71 rating in the total group, and a 21.27 share.

“Red Roses” tells the poignant story of Meryem, married off at 14 in an Islamic sect, and now battling bravely to prevent her daughter Zeynep suffering the same cruel fate as the bride of the sheikh’s grandson.

The series has a star cast featuring Ozcan Deniz from “Evermore”, “A part of Me”, “Waiting For You”,  Ozgu Namal from “Lady’s Farm”, “Mercy”, “Valley of the Wolves”, Mert Yazıcıoglu from “Love 101”, “Mehmet The Conqueror”, “Black Rose” and Hazal Turesan from “A Miracle”, “Stiletto Vendetta”, “Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters” and “Black Money Love”. The drama is produced by Gold Film.

For the second season, the producers aim to offer viewers more excitement and surprises. In the new season, the characters’ stories will be deepened and storytelling full of dramatic events will keep viewers glued to the screen.