Rise of Empires Ottoman

Historic Epic / Docudrama
6 x 60

In 330AD, a magnificent city emerges at the crossroads of the world. A glittering jewel called Constantinople. The city bridges East and West – the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

One prophecy proclaims Constantinople will be conquered by a great commander at the head of a magnificent army.. Another predicts the city will fall under a Blood Moon, bringing the hellfire of Armageddon. Twenty three armies try to take Constantinople…all fail.

In 1453, the Roman Emperor Constantine XI, and Sultan Mehmed II, fight an epic battle for the city. Out of the carnage, one ruler will emerge victorious and change the course of history.

This landmark, event co-production from Hollywood and Turkey will showcase the drama and the history of the rise of one empire and the fall of another. The 6x60 docudrama miniseries unfolds  like a real-life Game of Thrones as it chronicles Mehmed II’s fabled rise from 12-year-old child Sultan to ruler of the Ottoman Empire and the founder of Istanbul. With epic visual effects, a stunning cast and the insights of world leading academics, one of the key moments of the last millennium will be brought to life in stunning clarity.