Runaway Women

Factural Reality
Weekly, Prime Time
 Eleven families and one town, an ordinary, typical town just like many others but this town is about to undergo a major change, thanks to our social experiment!

Eleven women will be taken away from their families and everyday lives to a luxury retreat, where they will have no responsibilities, no work and no chores to do for the next week. While they are gone away to enjoy their time in the holiday, men will have to cover their jobs, daily activities and taking charge of all the functions they normally would leave to the hands of their wives.  What will happen while they are gone? Will they manage and keep the order without their wives without creating a total chaos?

This social experiment seeks through a fun and entertaining tone to raise awareness about the roles that men and women have undertaken in today’s society, holding a mirror to practices that have been accepted as common in the everyday lives in relation to gender roles and question the balance in sharing the tasks.

The profile of the women that will take part in the experiment will reflect all levels and ages in the community: young and old, housewives, mothers, sisters, working women with professional jobs such as doctors, teachers, chefs, business managers… In their absence, their male relatives (husbands, brothers, fiancés, fathers…) will have to cover all the tasks that are needed to be done in their everyday routine.