Sanatorium of Love

Factural Reality
Weekly / APT
Due to the increasing life expectancy, the percentage of elderly people rises.

Seniors become more and more open and despite their age they want to pursue active lifestyle.

Due to divorces or partners passing away, many elderly people live alone.

The changes in the world view and greater social openness encourage older people to start new relationships even in autumn years.

Sanatorium of Love is a format about people who believe that there is still a lot ahead of them despite their age.

We meet a group of seniors, who are given a chance to find happiness again and start a new, attractive period in their lives.

People aged 60-80 still want to be active and spend time with friends and acquaintances.

The show presents how elderly people may derive joy and satisfaction from their lives using the achievements of medicine and technology.

To help seniors meet new peers, the participants go to a sanatorium, where they have the opportunity to change their lives completely.