Save My Style

Fashion / Reality Show
Daily, Daytime

In “Save My Style”, fashion bloggers create new looks for women as they chase a $10,000 prize, revitalizing wardrobes, passing judgement on their rivals and avoid elimination from the contest each week.

In the contest “Save My Style”, five fashion bloggers create new looks for women in a battle for a $10,000 cash prize. Every day of the week, a different woman will be in the center of attention, and she will choose her favorite blogger who will update her style, being the contestant of the day.  The contestants get to know the woman’s wardrobe and taste and have one minute to make their pitch. The woman then chooses who to work with.

They have four hours and a shopping budget of $3,000. After asking the woman to show her preferred outfits, the contestant chooses clothes to discard and those that need altering. They then visit a Beauty Truck outside the house, where a tailor, hair stylist and makeup artist are ready to work on her.

The contestant and the woman then go shopping and the audience can enjoy the disagreements between them. Returning to the truck, the hairstylist and makeup artist complete her look before she returns to the house. The other contestants now arrive to pass judgement.

In the scoring section, the other four contestants give marks out of five and the woman giving a score out of 10. The contestant with the lowest score is eliminated and replaced the following week. With a big cash prize at stake, the competition makes for an entertaining and thrilling show.