The Star Next Door

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time

The Star Next Door” contest takes viewers on a search for the performers who can turn living-room singing into big stage success, inspired by the home performances of global stars which brightened lockdowns during the pandemic. 

“The Star Next Door” injects an innovative twist into the talent show format,  taking  inspiration from the home-made musical performances of global stars which brightened the unending lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The contest takes singers and viewers on a dizzying journey from living rooms to a glamorous and glittering stage.

Embarking on a nationwide search, three famous judges work their way through videos sent in by potential contestants. They then hold remote impromptu auditions, making surprise video calls which aim to showcase the contestants in their own genuine element, without bright lights, makeup and special effects.

Performers passing the auditions are transported to a daunting studio setting. They undergo a major transformation, with striking clothing, a professional makeover and a choreographed show. The audition videos are displayed on the studio screen and with the jury’s go-ahead, they continue their performance on the big stage.

After the audience vote on who should go home and who should stay, the final contestants compete in the ‘1 out of 3’ rounds. Only one of the three performing on the revolving door stage will be called to take the main stage. With a show-stopping performance, the final contestant completes the journey from home performer to big stage star.