A Part Of Me

Original Title
Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün
Drama Series
Season 1: 103 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 45 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

When the baby is born, this dream ends and you return where you belong

Elif fights with the mighty Yörükhan family when she discovers the baby she is carrying as a surrogate mother is biologically her own, unleashing a fierce battle against a powerful household desperate for an heir.

Elif, desperately in need of money for her poor family, agrees to be a surrogate mother for a rich couple who cannot conceive a child. Kıymet, matriarch of the powerful Yörükhan family, will go to any lengths for her eldest son Kahraman to produce an heir.

Kahraman’s wife Defne is unable to have children after suffering a miscarriage in a car accident. When they hit upon the idea of finding a surrogate mother, Defne and Kıymet convince him to go along with the plan. The appearance of Elif is like the answer to their prayers.

Elif works on the Yörükhan family farm. Her father is in debt to a man named Maksut, who is obsessively in love with Elif. Despite her dislike of him, her dad pressures her to marry Maksut as a way of clearing his debts. The issue explodes when Elif’s mother fights with her husband and accidentally kills him.

Elif, her mother, and sister Nazlı flee to Istanbul, where her mother is caught and jailed. With Nazli requiring a heart operation and Elif needing to pay lawyer’s fees, she will do anything for money. Opportunity arrives in the shape of her relative Halil, the Yörükhan family driver, who introduces her to Kıymet.

The Yörükhan family head offers Elif a huge sum of money to carry Kahraman’s baby. Elif agrees and Kıymet finds a willing doctor in Cyprus. When he reveals Defne does not have enough eggs to produce a baby, Kıymet makes a secret deal with the doctor. They will use Elif’s own eggs without her knowledge.

Elif’s first problem in the Yörükhan family home is Kahraman’s nephew, Kerem. He has been in love with Elif since seeing her at a wedding in the small town where she lived before Istanbul. But Kerem’s joy at the new arrival is short-lived as Elif rejects his declarations of love.

Elif only wants to rescue her mother from prison and save her sister’s life.
But living with the Yörükhans is complicated further when Defne becomes jealous of Kahraman’s fondness for Elif. In turn, Elif falls in love with him.

Kıymet’s conspiracy is exposed when Defne feels ill and goes to a doctor to find out whether she is pregnant. When the doctor reveals she does not have enough eggs, Defne confronts the doctor in Cyprus. He confesses the secret arrangement and Defne realizes Elif is the mother of the unborn child.

Blinded by rage, Defne confronts Kıymet and decides to poison Elif to abort the baby. When doctors save Elif’s life and the truth dawns, she becomes determined to keep the child for herself. As the powerful Yörükhan family fights back, the stage is set for a merciless battle with Elif.