Death Becomes Them

Original Title
Ölüm Kime Yakışır
Dark Comedy Drama
8x35 Minutes
8 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Death Becomes Them” tells a series of eight engrossing and darkly comic stories focused on the theme of death which explore, in an often amusing and thought-provoking way, the idea of life flashing in front of one’s eyes before dying.

“Death Becomes Them” is an engrossing series of eight thought-provoking and darkly comic tales which focus on the theme of death. They explore, often amusingly, the idea of life flashing in front of one’s eyes before dying to reveal people’s dreams, disappointments and dearest values.

The fascinating collection starts with the lonely Caner, who abandons efforts to commit suicide only to choke to death on his favorite olives. Then there is the agoraphobic Refik, whose one time venturing outside ends in his own demise in an accident echoing the way his wife died years before.

We next witness Elvan’s journey of disillusionment from happy bride to bullied housewife, victim of an electric shock from a faulty household appliance. A fatal attachment to bananas seals the fate of Ertugrul, ending his ruthless rise in the world of business. Also waiting in store for the series’ hapless characters are a lethal trip to the dentist and a deadly gift of a statue.

In all of these flashback stories, audiences are taken on an absorbing journey into the lives of complex people who carry the seeds of their own downfall. The captivating, dramatic narratives grab the viewers’ attention and set them thinking about the deepest issues that shape our lives.