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The one silent in the face of injustice is a mute devil

Nadir’s influence within the powerful Bahtiyan clan is undermined by rivalry with the chief’s brother and when he takes his revenge in response to a terrible betrayal, he has no choice but to flee for his life.

Nadir is the right-hand man of the Bahtiyan family, the most powerful and wealthiest clan in southeast Turkey’s Mardin province. Rivalries, jealousy and betrayal sour relationships within the clan and lead to bloodshed. Cast out from the world where he wielded such power, Nadir must flee to save his life.

The Bahtiyan clan, which dominates the Mardin area along the border with Syria, is headed by Aziz. He runs businesses with his brother Kerim and Nadir, whom he trusts more than anyone in the world. But the tensions between Nadir and Kerim are heading towards an explosion.

Nadir is respected throughout Mardin for his loyalty to Aziz, who shares with him the darkest secrets of the business. It is to Nadir that Aziz turns whenever he needs somebody to handle his most complicated issues, usually revolving around something illegal.

Strains between the men in the clan are echoed to a lesser extent among the Bahtiyan women. They are not directly involved in the business, but take care of their households and support the family in different ways. Aziz’s wife Mahur does not get along well with Kerim´s wife, Asude.

The real trouble erupts when Aziz’s son Civan invites Kudret and his sister Bahar from Istanbul to a big gambling tournament in Mardin. The naïve Bahar is unaware of Kudret’s shady dealings. Her innocent beauty catches Nadir’s eye and Bahar is also charmed by him as she is sucked into his dangerous world.

Meanwhile, ill feeling grows between Kerim and Nadir. Unlike his older brother, Kerim is irresponsible and in constant trouble. Nadir considers him a disgrace to the Bahtiyan family. Out of loyalty to the family, he covers up for Kerim’s scandals to protect their reputation.

But their world begins to fall apart when Kerim seduces Nadir´s wife Gönül. The same night, the family council decides to execute Kudret and his sister Bahar. Nadir opposes this as he knows Bahar has done nothing wrong. To save Bahar´s life he must go against the clan decision.

Nadir quickly finds out about the treachery of Gönül and Kerim. Catching them in their secret love nest, he kills Kerim. He knows this will cost him his own life, but his honor comes first. He no longer feels obliged to bow down to the leadership of the clan.  He has suffered the greatest humiliation and betrayal.

The whole world to which Nadir has dedicated his life has crumbled. He knows he has no choice other than to run away from the wrath of the Bahtiyan family. With the blood-thirsty clan on his tail he flees, followed by the few men whose loyalty he still commands. Survival will be his biggest challenge yet.