17 Aug 2017

Global Agency has today announced that they had struck an exclusive international deal with José Luis Moreno for “Queens”, created and produced by the Spanish phenomenon himself.

Queens is an English – language period drama which tells the story of two powerful women, fighting each other in a man’s world: Elizabeth I of England (Rebecca Scott, ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’) and Mary Stuart of Scotland (Olivia Chenery, ‘Brotherhood’). The Spanish version of the drama has already been launched by the Spanish broadcaster Radio Television Española (RTVE) during the last MIPTV and Global Agency has now been the partner of Mr. Moreno to introduce Queens’ original version to the international tv market.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with José Luis Moreno who is a real legend with his acting and production skills. The very first moment that we saw Queens, we got so excited as it impressed us with its story, structure, performances and production quality. Our goal is to deliver this epic content to all around the world and we hope Queens will win the love of the audiences worldwide. As a final word, I would like to thank once again to Mr. Moreno for his trust to our global brand.”

José Luis Moreno, the creator and the producer of the drama, commented: “After more than 180 national and international productions, I considered the challenge of producing the most ambitious series in our long career, Queens, and fortunately we turned it into a great success. To orchestrate such a special product, we needed the best distributors. They had to be high-powered, with a great prestige in the audiovisual world and a high sensitivity and habit of dealing with big quality projects. After more than 30 proposals, we found a young and pugnacious team, that have as much respect to the public as to their clients, and such a success in most of their sales that made them unbeatable. I’m talking about Global Agency, our ambassador for Queens in its original version and its 9 episodes, that will go around the world.”

Queens is the story of the rivalry that existed between two great European monarchs: Mary Stuart of Scotland and Elizabeth I of England. They fought for supremacy in the political, religious and personal realms, under the attentive eyes of the most feared monarch in Europe, Philip II, heir to the largest empire every created, of the Papacy and of the Kingdom of France.

On 19th August 1561, after 13 years of absence, a 19 years old grieving young woman steps onto land from the deck of a splendid galleon, accompanied by a retinue befitting a widowed Queen of France. Her name is Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Raised from an early age at the most exquisite Court in Europe, she has finally reached her country, Scotland. Scotland is a poor kingdom divided by religious strife and the constant squabbles between its different clans of nobles, the result of an intelligent strategy being pursued by Queen Elizabeth I, the head of the Anglican Church. The Papacy has declared all-out war against Elizabeth, a struggle in which Philip II will also become embroiled.