19 Jul 2019

In Sanatorium of Love, six elderly ladies and six senior gentlemen who differ in character, personality, passion and life experience set off to a picturesque health resort in the mountains, where for three weeks they are given the opportunity to get to know one another and experience new adventures, also related to the sphere of feelings. All the participants have one thing in common; they are lonely and want to change it.   
Sanatorium of Love was aired on Sunday evenings at TVP 1, one of two main TVP channels. By popular demand, season 2 will be aired in the beginning of 2020. The first season consisted of 10 episodes and its average share was 22.7%. The figures show that the “Sanatorium of Love” was also popular among young viewers, with an average share of 13.3% in the 16-49 age group. The peak was 24.9% which translates to 3,806,263 people in front of TV sets in all age groups.
The show was created by Iwona Karpiuk and Piotr Poraj Poleski and has been very popular in Poland, leading to international success earlier this year. During MIPTV in Cannes, the TV audience experts Eurodata acclaimed Sanatorium of Love as one of the top launches so far in 2019 and one of the best Polish premieres of all time. It is not a surprise, taking into account that it doubled the average audience figure for the slot.  
“Sanatorium of Love” applied for PITCH & PLAY LIVE! And won!  
Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said “Sanatorium of Love” is the new entertaining program in our catalogue. We are happy to announce that our format won an award in PITCH & PLAY LIVE. We believe it will attract the attention of audiences in many countries. Due to increasing life expectancy, the percentage of elderly people rises every year. Lots of elderly people live alone. Of course, they want to pursue an active lifestyle.  I think it is a good chance for them to start new relationships despite all the prejudices.  These create the best elements for a high rated show. We have great confidence in this format.  
Monika Karasek, Director of Trade and International Relations at TVP says: We are glad to observe the popularity of “Sanatorium of Love” among our viewers in Poland as well as enthusiastic reviews from international experts all over the world. We believe that the key to success is to combine several important TV trends: the idea of joyful seniorhood, a focus on health and the elements of a dating show. “The Sanatorium of Love” aims to show the problem of discrimination against older people and proves that everyone can significantly extend their physical and mental fitness with appropriate actions.