02 Feb 2018

Global Agency has today revealed the new sales for Love For Rent, one of the most – talked about series of the company’s catalogue of all times. The deals of the dramedy are signed in MENA, Asia and CEE.

MBC has licenced the series for MENA, while 1TV has licenced for Afghanistan, PRVA for Serbia and BTV for Bulgaria. Love For Rent was also sold to Romania (ACASA), Albania (Tring TV), Greece (Star TV), Kazakhstan (Astana TV) and Macedonia (Sitel) before. The drama has been very successful especially in Macedonia, by reaching %50 audience share with its first episodes.

Originally produced by Ortaks Yapım and broadcasted on Star TV in Turkey, Love For Rent was the most successful drama in 2015 fall season in the country, breaking rating records. It had also become one of the most talked about and popular series with its two seasons across all social media platforms. The leading actors have become very well – known worldwide with thousands of fans and lately, the protagonist actress Elcin Sangu has been awarded as the “Best International Actress” by DIAFA (Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards – Dubai).

Love For Rent
Season 1: 148 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 54 X 1 Commercial Hour

Defne is a waitress in a restaurant where Omer is sent on a disastrous date by Neriman. In an effort to escape, Omer pretends Defne is his girlfriend and even kisses her. Seeing this unexpected attraction, the scheming Neriman hunts down Defne and offers her a large sum of money to make Omer fall in love with her. Defne agrees as she is desperate for money, so she is given a make-over and hired as Omer’s new personal assistant. Neriman feeds her information to help Defne charm him, but Defne is increasingly put off by Omer’s cool manners. Meanwhile, Omer’s business partner Sinan begins to fall in love with Defne. Will Omer fall for his new assistant, or will Defne give the game away and find true love somewhere else?