04 Apr 2018

Global Agency has today announced its fascinating line – up of drama series heading to MIPTV 2018. From action dramas to period series and romantic productions, Global Agency brings eight new programs to the market.

My Dangerous Wife is a new drama from MF Yapım, the producer of the best-selling hit Mother. It is the story of the married couple Alper and Derin: Alper has an affair with Seda and the lovers plan to kill Derin together. Just as the two lovers decide to execute their plot, Derin gets kidnapped. The police suspects Alper at first and they start to investigate his life. The investigation causes all his secrets to be revealed: his financial situation, his secret affair, his plan to kill his wife… Alper’s whole world turns upside down. It is a thriller that keeps the audience constantly alert with a dynamic storyline and flawless acting performances of the cast -  bringing Gonca Vuslateri back to the screen following her impressive performance in “Mother”. My Dangerous Wife will also point out that the things may not be what they seem to be.

Sultan of My Heart is the story of love and change; Anna and Mahmoud unwittingly change each other and, in the process, they will change the Empire with them. It is a historical drama TV series that will be broadcasted both in Russia and Turkey. It is the very first TV series that is being co-produced by one of Russia’s leading production firms, Gazprom-Media KIT and Maya TV Productions.

Treasure of Life comes from Ortaks Yapım, the same producer of “Love for Rent”, the most watched romantic drama series in 2015 / 2016. It is about how people can go beyond their limits for seeking wealth but the series is showing us that the “true wealth” is Love.  

The Deep is the new thriller and romantic drama series for Turkey’s one of the most successful digital platforms PUHU TV, from TMC which is the same producer of 1001 Nights and Love & Punishment. It is the story of Sahir and Bilge: Sahir is a police officer in charge of the Suicidal hotline and Negotiation Department of the Istanbul Police Department. An anonymous call he receives one day leads him to find Bilge, a mysterious woman whose life is full of secrets. Each secret Bilge has leads to another one and Sahir finds himself facing a dangerous new world ahead of him. Sahir and Bilge fight side by side against these dangers while they heal each other’s past wounds and look to the future together.

Breathless is this season’s another drama series from TMC. Ruya leads a quiet life in Berlin with her father Ayaz Kiran, until one day she finds out that her mother, whom she never met, is in Syria. She gets obsessed with meeting her mother as soon as she receives this news. The only way to go to the small Syrian village under siege is to arrange a fake marriage to Boran. Her path crosses with Yusuf, who is coming back home after six years. Ruya also finds herself in another adventure with a crowded family she meets in Antakya. In fact, the architect of the dangerous adventure she faces is her father, who has a whole different face to the one she knows...

Wolf: Of all the new programs that launched globally in February, “Wolf” generated the most buzz on Twitter and Facebook. Wolf was on top of the list of the most-buzzed-about new shows in social media in February, with some 62,000 tweets. The action series inspired by real events follows a special operations unit responsible for the surveillance of the Turkish – Syrian border.

Aria of the Doomed is produced by Kinograd Film for Russian tv channel NTV and it will be on air in Fall 2018.  It is a drama centering on the lives of prisoners in Stalin’s era labor camp for women – Akmolinsk Camp for Wives of Betrayers of the Nation (A.L.G.I.R) These women are wives of former party leaders, female thieves, nuns and prostitutes serving harsh sentences side by side. The story covers 7 years between 1938 and 1945. Olga Pavlova, an aircraft designer’s wife, arrested as the wife of the betrayer of the nation, meets Sofia Ter-Ashaturova, a prominent opera singer, detained after a denunciation, on a train taking them to the camp. Together the two women have to overcome the hardships of the camp and fight against the intrigues in the secure female facility.
Each episode starts with sequences of prisoners lives before they are taken into custody.

Living Passion is the latest Portugal telenovela of SIC which is telling the story of Miguel’s fight to seek justice and recover the love of his life when he is arrested for a crime he did not commit.