09 Jul 2014

Global Agency has acquired the distribution rights to “Share or Dare,” a new game show format from Israel's United Studios.

Share or Dare is a game show that combines luck, knowledge and strategy. Two players who have never met before must compete together to win the grand prize. The play begins with 16 circles on a board, numbered from 1 to 16, each of which contains prize money. The challenge is to clear as many circles as possible and claim as much money as possible in the process. Correct answers to Yes/No questions help the players along. Three times during the game, the players are also given the choice to continue playing together or going it alone. Timing is everything and while they are rewarded for loyalty up to a point, getting rid of their partner at the right moment can also win them big money.  This exciting strategy keeps viewers hooked in every round.

The format which was developed by Roy Even Tov and United Studios, is designed as a daily strip, but may also be aired weekly across all timeslots.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said of the acquisition: “We're delighted to have partnered with United Studios on ‘Share or Dare’.As Global Agency, we instantly recognized Share or Dare’s potential as a global show and nowithas been one of the most important formats in our fast-growing catalogue. There is great importance today for formats and we’re very happyto have this new fantastic show with United Studios.”

United Studios' Co-CEO Efrat Dror commented: “We are happy to once again develop and invest in a new format by a great format developer, and are really excited to work with Global Agency. We are confident that Share or Dare will be a huge success all around the world as a new hit game show format thanks to Global Agency’s international experience.”