01 Aug 2019

The latest sales for the drama are also closed with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argentina, South Africa Panama, Serbia and Montenegro. With these countries the drama will be aired in 70 countries in various territories.

The drama is produced by Endemol Shine Turkey, which was aired on Star TV. It has 283 commercial hours in three seasons. It tells the story of two baby girls which are swapped at birth and the truth only emerges 15 years later. It turns their lives upside down and leads to romance between one of the mothers, Gülseren, and Cihan, father of the other girl. It is a story about difficult choices, tough decisions, entwined lives and parents torn between their children and their hearts.

Erkan Petekkaya and Nurgul Yesilcay are the leading cast of the series. Nurgül Yesilcay, a leading actress who enjoys international popularity and is well-known also for her stunning performance in Love and Punishment, Magnificent Century Kosem and Gulperi. Erkan Petekkaya is also known Dila and Time Goes By.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “We’re so pleased to announce these new deals for Broken Pieces. With these deals we have reached 70 countries. It is a big success. I was certain about the success of Broken Pieces. Broken pieces has achieved massive ratings in all the territories where it has aired and won the export champion award in Turkey in 2017.

It is a destiny story; in this drama we see that life tears people apart, but destiny brings them together.

About “Broken Pieces”:
The poor Gülseren and rich Dilara give birth at the same time and a nurse’s mistake leads to their babies being mixed up. When the parents and daughters Cansu and Hazal learn the truth 15 years later, their lives and relationships are transformed. While the revelation turns the families upside down and Dilara seeks both girls for herself, her husband seeks a divorce. Gülseren and Cihan find themselves consumed by a powerful love neither has ever experienced.

Season 1: 83 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 122 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 3: 78 X 1 Commercial Hour