06 Jun 2018

Global Agency has today revealed that one of its most – in – demand sentimental dramas Never Let Go, achieves new key sales all around the world.

The latest sales for the romantic drama are closed with Planet TV (Slovenia), TV Markiza (Slovakia), Teletica (Costa Rica), TV Pink (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Ariana TV (Afghanistan). It was also acquired by Zap TV (Angola and Mozambique), bTV  (Bulgaria), Antena TV (Romania), Tring TV (Albania), TVP2 (Poland), Rustavi 2 (Georgia), ANTV (Indonesia), Dori Media (Israel), Kurdmax (Iraq), 2M TV (Morocco) and Kanal 5 (Macedonia).

Produced by Gold Film, which is the producer of some of the Global Agency’s phenomenal dramas like Dila, Iffet and Black Pearl, Never Let Go is a sweeping love story about Yigit Kozan and two women who are drawn to him like moths to a flame. It has the hallmarks of a classic drama series, with story lines that combine revenge, tragedy, passion, and love with contemporary subjects. Never Let Go aired two seasons in Turkey’s Show TV with quite high ratings. It has also been one of the most – watched drama series not only in Turkey but also in the world. Especially the international popularity of Tolgahan Sayısman, the leading actor who is well-known also for his stunning performances as protagonist at The Tulip Age and Black Pearl, helped the drama to expand globally.

Never Let Go
Season 1: 47 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 118 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Show TV

Yigit is a very successful businessman who does not believe in love. He is responsible for an accident that sends his wife Iclal into a coma for years. Denying her existence is the way he copes, and their small son Mert believes his mother is in heaven. Then Yigit meets Nur and they fall in love. Unaware of Iclal, Nur agrees to marry him.

On the day of their wedding, Iclal wakes up. Desperate to keep the marriage, Yigit holds Nur a prisoner thinking that with time she will come back to him. With Iclal in a fragile condition, everyone in the house is forced to pretend that things are no different. Meanwhile, Yigit’s brother returns to Istanbul and falls in love with Nur, thinking she has been hired to look after the child. As Iclal regains her memory, she slowly beings to understand who Nur really is.