13 Feb 2015

Global Agency’s fast – paced hit quiz show “Joker” will start airing on France 2 on Monday, February 16. The show will broadcast five days a week starting at 18.15.

Herve Hubert, one of the most successful French TV producers who is well-known for quiz shows and game shows, has coproduced with A Prime Group 90 episodes of “Joker.” It recently started airing on TRT, Turkey’s national public broadcaster, and raised the channel’s ratings by 300%.

“Joker” is a dynamic and exciting quiz show, where it’s easy to make money, but much harder to keep it! Each contestant has to answer 15 multiple choice questions and there are no eliminations for wrong answers. The contestants start with 10 Joker wildcards that they can use to eliminate a wrong answer if they don’t know the correct answer. For every right answer, the contestant moves higher up the money tree, but for every wrong answer, contestants move four levels down and lose thousands from their prize money. At the end of the 15th question, the contestant wins the amount equivalent to their position on the money tree.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency said : “I sincerely believe that Joker will grow strong all around the world as a unique, fast-paced and lively quiz show. We're also proud to be partnering with Herve Hubert for Joker once again, especially after the huge success of Shopping Monsters in France. I am sure the show will be a big hit in the country and France 2’s audiences will love it.”

Anthony Meunier from Herve Hubert commented : “JOKER has a very unique and fast-paced gameplay, which is a real emotional rollercoaster for each contestant and makes each episode a different story. We created a real-time play along app to allow viewers to play at home during the broadcast and live the same thrilling experience than the contestant on the set. The app is free and gives viewers the opportunity to challenge their friends and compare their performance, but also to win money every day if they are in the 3 best players at the end of the broadcast.”