11 Sep 2017

Global Agency has today announced that they bring an original prime time quiz show to the international television market, “Cash or Splash”.

Cash or Splash is a fun quiz show where three contestants compete together as a team. The three contestants are given 1 million in cash at the beginning of the game. They need to try to protect their cash during the 7 question game, with a constant risk of being dropped into the freezing water traps set under the stage. They have a chance to leave the studio with the remaining cash in their hands if they make it through the final.

The format is already being broadcast on TRT in Turkey where it became very successful with huge ratings. The show is aired on weekly at prime – time slot and had 4 seasons, 80 episodes in total.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “We’re thrilled to be bringing another exciting and funny competition to our market with Cash or Splash. The format has already proved itself in Turkey with its huge success both in television and also with the social media engagements. Cash or Splash is a very amusing and breath-taking format because the contestants are always at unease, not knowing when and if they will fall into the cold water. There is a lot of tension in it. We are eager to bring this showto audiences around the world.”