03 Apr 2017

The world’s leading independent distributor Global Agency wowed MIPTV participants with yet another creative approach for the launch of their brand new format “Bring Your Fame Back”. Donald Trump’s image on one of the biggest billboards in Cannes has been surprising to all.

The artwork is prepared to promote the Turkish distributor Global Agency’s brand new singing talent format ‘Bring Your Fame Back’, created by Izzet Pinto, the CEO of the company. The show is about giving a second chance to former celebrities to regain their fame. The poster depicts a Donald Trump in an imaginary future, having lost everything he had and starting a singing career on the streets. He will have a chance to get his fame back with this show.

The image shows him as a street singer sitting in a corner of a wall in Mexico with a sombrero hat in front him , adding humor to the current US – Mexico issues.

Global Agency created huge buzz with this creative promotional campaign. In the past, the company had also made similar marketing promotions portraying political leaders Sarkozy, Merkel and Obama but the organization company of the market had banned the campaign making it unavailable for public exposure.

Bring Your Fame Back

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favourite singer who was so famous and then just disappeared? Where are they now? And what would happen if we gave them another chance to Bring Their Fame Back?

In each episode, eight former stars get a second shot at fame. They will each perform one song and then they will grade each other. The jury of the show consists of two music experts: one performing the role of the angel/good cop and the other the role of the devil/bad cop. After each performance, the kind jury gives positive comments to the performance whereas the tough jury does a sharp critique. Following the comments, the rival contestants will grade the singer´s performance. Next, it is the jury members ‘turn to announce their points: the kind jury may give up to 5 points to the contestant and the tough jury may remove up to 5 points from the total score.

At the end of each episode, four contestants with the lowest score are presented to the studio audience, who will save one of them. Then the kind jury member will save another one. Finally, the tough jury member eliminates one of the remaining two contestants at the end of the show.

Each episode, one contestant with the highest number of votes wins a weekly cash prize.