Original Title
İstanbul Sokakları
23 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Primetime

Today either you will die, or I will

Young graduate Nazlı’s life is saved by a heart transplant but the truth about it threatens to destroy her family, unless she can keep businessman Fırat’s love in the face of his enemies.

A fatal heart condition hangs over young graduate Nazlı like a dark cloud. Her urgent need for a transplant means her father would do anything to keep her alive. Nazlı is a fighter, selling pastries on the street to support her family, and she battles cheerfully against her fate.

Nazlı’s hopes rise when she meets successful businessman Fırat. He lives in a dog-eat-dog world of shady rivals. They will try to get rid of him or hurt his loved ones if he puts a foot wrong, so he won’t let anyone close. But Nazlı is set to change his view on life.

When Fırat is targeted in a gun attack, Nazlı is there to save him. Sparks of romance fly between them, but both shy away. Knowing she will die soon, Nazlı flees. Always needing to appear tough, Fırat conceals his feelings. But they can’t keep each other out of their minds.

Unknown to them, Nazlı's father is chauffeur to Fırat's mother. One day, he reveals the truth that his daughter will die unless she has a heart transplant. Touched by their plight, Fırat's mother goes to the hospital with Nazlı's father and signs up to be an organ donor.

Soon after, Nazlı's condition deteriorates and doctors say she will die unless she has a transplant immediately. Willing to do anything to keep his daughter alive, Nazlı's father deliberately crashes the car. He kills Fırat's mother to save his daughter.

Nazlı has been granted a new lease of life and seizes the opportunity. Unable to forget Fırat, she goes in search of him. He resists his powerful feelings for her, believing his enemies killed his mother and afraid they will harm Nazlı too. But he wants her close and hires her to tutor his sister.

When Nazlı discovers the reality about her heart, she keeps it from Fırat. But his arch enemy Cemil finds out and exploits the situation. He threatens to tell Fırat the truth, forcing Nazlı to marry him in order to make Fırat suffer. The news of their impending wedding devastates Fırat.

Cemil actually loves Sibel but is driven crazy by her love for Fırat. Marrying Nazlı is sweet revenge for Cemil, while she will do anything to save her father’s life. However, Nazlı is rescued from a loveless future when Cemil apparently dies in a car bombing as his underworld life catches up with him.

Nazlı and Fırat can at last be together, as she reveals how Cemil threatened her. When Fırat uncovers the secret about Nazlı’s heart, their relationship is saved by news that Nazlı is pregnant. But their joy will not last long. Cemil did not die in the bomb blast. He will be back to take revenge.