08 Jan 2019

Global Agency gives a start to 2019 with a powerful and entertaining project; Upgrade!

UPGRADE is a format created by the Israeli production company Tanin Productions & TV. It has been broadcasted in almost 20 territories around the world including Norway, Denmark, Canada and Russia and Spain. Global Agency is looking to expand the format’s reach into major European territories, LATAM and the USA.

Upgrade is an entertaining reality game show where the host rings random doors and offers people the chance to participate in a television game show to various prizes without even leaving their houses. After answering 4 out of 5 trivia questions correctly, the contestants are able to upgrade their home appliances. If they fail to do so, their home appliances are locked and they can’t use it for one month!

The participants are asked a series of trivia questions and if they answer them correctly, they'll win a variety of home appliances on the spot. The catch is that they have to play on and risk their own appliances in order to participate. If they lose, they lose the products they already own for one month. The show also goes out into the streets and offers passersby the chance to perform a task in order to Upgrade an item they have on themselves, on the spot, but they too have to take a chance on something of value that they have on themselves at the time.

Along with its interesting structure, the format is also a great show to insert branded products and so far has attracted great sponsorship deals.

Upgrade” has been broadcasted in almost 20 territories around the world, including Norway (4 seasons in TV2), China (4 seasons in CCTV), Russia (4 seasons), Canada (French side), Denmark, Switzerland, India, Turkey, etc. Recently "Upgrade" is broadcasted in Italy, Spain and Brazil performing very well.

About Tanin Productions:
Tanin Productions & TV was founded in 2001 by Gili Golan.
The company's vision is to create the most innovative, unique, daring and different worldwide formats that will inspire, enrich and entertain people around the globe.

Quotation from Gili Golan:
We are very glad and excited about the collaboration with Global Agency which starts distributing our best seller game show "Upgrade". We are sure that Global will lead the format to reach even higher achievements.

Quotation from Umay Ayaz:
We feel pleased to cooperate one more time with TANIN PRODUCTIONS & TV who is a perfect and an expert partner in the industry. This time we set out to spread all around the world proven format ‘UPGRADE’ which contains various elements that audience love to watch.