Original Title
99 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

You may become trapped in the tangled web you weaved for protection

From vastly different backgrounds, businessman Ali Nejat and car designer Umit share the same fierce ambition and love for Umut’s wife Naz, drawing them into a relationship triangle which threatens to tear them apart.

On a business trip to Italy, powerful businessman Ali Nejat Karasu crosses paths with charming pediatrician Naz in a meeting that will change both their lives and the life of Naz’s husband Umut Ozer. Ambition, greed and love will drag the three of them into a complex relationship, fraught with danger.
Studying in prestigious boarding schools abroad, Ali Nejat grows up with little love from his family and becomes a wealthy, heartless businessman. His father made a fortune in shipping and Ali Nejat runs the holding company, but the former racing driver’s real love is cars and he longs to launch his own model.

From a humble but loving family, talented Umut works hard to make his name in the world, following in the footsteps of his automotive expert father. He shrugs off failures, driven by an ambition which spirals out of control until his greed for money and power poisons him and the relationships with those closest to him.

The fiercely ambitious Ali Nejat and Umut are destined to come face-to-face in their ruthless city of Istanbul, where wealth and power are the only measure of success. There is no time for love, compassion and conscience in this world, where life is about winning and weakness comes with a big price tag.

Such aggressive drive is nowhere to be seen in Naz, fresh from medical school. Her idealism and moral values outweigh her financial concerns. She and Umut love each other, but they married too soon with little support from their families. When her baby dies in the womb, her hopes and love die with it.

Their marriage starts falling apart when Umut wants to try for another baby, but she refuses. Initially understanding her husband’s blind ambition, she quickly realizes Umut is changing for the worse, and it’s time for her to start afresh. Given the shared passion of Umut and Ali Nejat, she has just such an opportunity.

Seeking a designer for his car project, Ali Nejat hires Umut, whose bad decisions in business have frustrated him and caused further strains in his marriage. Unable to control Umut’s rage, Naz seeks solace elsewhere. At first, she finds Nejat arrogant and distant, but her compassion and kindness will eventually soften him.

Naz begins to warm to Ali Nejat too. His character is transformed further when he learns that he has a son, Kaan, the result of a one-night stand. Trying to balance his business life with being a father, Ali Nejat leans heavily on Naz to help.

Both men come from different backgrounds and are fueled by the same drive, but they have both changed vastly. Now there is one thing they cannot surrender. That is their love for Naz.