09 Sep 2015

Global Agency’s variety show “Is That Really Your Voice?” took the first step towards being one of the most successful formats in China with a storming online success.

The show debuted on IQIYI, China’s leading online video platform, on 5th August 2015. Soon after its launch, “Is That Really Your Voice?” became the most-watched online show in the country’s history. Airing weekly in a prime time slot, the first five episodes of the show received 200 million views with great reviews from both audiences and television critics. Twenty-four episodes have been planned in total.

Created by Izzet PINTO, “Is That Really Your Voice?” is a unique variety format in which jury members try to guess the best singer based only on clues given by the contestants’ physical appearance and performances without audio! The show combines comedy and music in a uniquely entertaining way.

Izzet PINTO, CEO of Global Agency, commented: “I am pretty sure that everybody will be raving about ‘Is That Really Your Voice?’ at MIPCOM this year. I believe it will create big buzz and a huge demand from the sector. The reason we trust the show that much is because of its originality; it is a comedy format based upon music. It is a pure variety program that can easily adapt to suit every territory’s schedule and the show is great for distribution. We hope to see many different versions of the show after China”

About Is That Really Your Voice
"Is That Really Your Voice?" is a game show where 3 celebrities are confronted with 15 unknown talents. Their challenge is to guess how each person sings, based on looks alone! There are 4 crazy rounds to each episode. Round 1 is The Look, and each celebrity must select 1 unknown each. They must guess if that person sings like a nightingale or a duck. All is revealed when the singing starts and whoever guessed correctly either way scores a point. In Round 2, the pool of unknowns is down to 12 and the celebrities again select 3. This time, they can ask them a question and must guess what kind of voice they have based only on this limited Q&A information. Round 3 is The Duet, and the pressure is on to choose a good voice from the 9 remaining unknowns. Each celebrity must sing with their choice, for better or for worse! If the unknown can actually hold a tune, the celebrity wins a point. If not, they go pointless. The fourth and final round is the Best Voice where 3 of the remaining 6 will be selected to sing their hearts out. It's up to the studio audience to vote for the one with the sweetest voice. The points are totaled and the winning celebrity will be given a cash prize of 20,000 E. They distribute the prize among the singers who helped them win over the four rounds.