25 Jan 2019

The show will be broadcast for 25 weekly episodes on TV SLO 1, the Slovenian public broadcaster. The first episode will be on air on February the 23rd at the Saturday prime time slot.

“Joker” is created by the creator of several Global Agency hit formats including “Blind Taste” and “Shopping Monsters”.

A major success in France with more than 300 daily episodes on France 2 , the format is produced by Hervé Hubert productions and is currently on its second season now with weekly episodes.

The format was initially broadcast on the Turkish public broadcaster TRT for over 100 episodes. International sales with options and licenses include Portugal (RTP1, over 200 episodes on daily prime time), Poland, USA, Middle East, Ireland, Spain.

Joker is a quiz show with simple rules and thrilling reversals of fortune right until the end!The contestant will be given 10 questions to answer and 7 Jokers to help them. The first rule is no quitting. All 10 questions must be answered. For every correct answer, the contestants will go up one step on the money tree. Jokers can be used to eliminate wrong answers from the multiple choices offered. If they give a wrong answer, the contestant will lose 3 Jokers. After they have run out of Jokers, they will drop down 3 steps on the money tree with each wrong answer. By the end of the 10th question, they will win the money prize wherever they are positioned on the money tree. Easy to play, fast and compelling viewing! Joker is sure to win big audiences. 

Quotation from Şenay Taş:
It’s a pleasure for us to collaborate with TVS1 on Joker. We are confident that the show will deliver great results in Slovenia and draw the attention of other broadcasters in Central and Eastern Europe very soon.