Just Smile

Original Title
Gülümse Yeter
64 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Lütfü Bey and his family are going to stay with us for some time

The wealthy Özdemir family and the poor Civans must live under the same roof when financial disaster strikes and a wedding is cancelled, leading to a crazy life together filled with rivalries and romance.

The wealthy Özdemir family and the poor Civans live in different worlds, which collide when financial disaster strikes. Hasan Civan, the Özdemirs’ driver, must find harmony between opposites. As boundaries of wealth evaporate, the two families must adjust their relationships, ambitions and love to the new reality.

Hasan lives with his sons Sarp, Ahmet, and daughter-in-law Ayten in their humble home in a poor district. Short of money, but happy, the family struggles to get by each month on a tight budget, eating simply and making do with what they have.

Lütfü lives in luxury with his wife Nermin and their two daughters Yasemin and Gül in a majestic mansion. Servants cater for their every need and a chef prepares their favorite meals. The two families would never cross paths were it not for Hasan, who has been the Özdemir family driver for 30 years.

Their lives are set to change when Hasan’s grandson Sarp comes back from the United States after completing his education. At the airport he bumps into Lütfü’s spoiled daughter Yasemin by chance. She is supposed to marry a rich man the next day in a wedding vital to her family’s future.

On the same day, Hasan is fired by Lütfü. Hasan is heartbroken, having worked for Lütfü’s father ┼×evki for so many years. But, filled with strong feelings for Yasemin whom he has known since her childhood, Hasan joins the wedding ceremony the next day.

Now a bombshell hits the Özdemir family, shattering their idyllic life. Lütfü is bankrupt. He saw his daughter’s marriage as a way to avert financial troubles. By the time they arrive at the wedding, the groom’s family is aware of their secret and they change their minds. They don’t want their son to wed a poor girl.

Lütfü loses everything, including their luxury mansion. Devastated and seeking sanctuary, Yasemin flees to the house of Hasan, whom she has always regarded like a grandfather. Seeing the Özdemirs left homeless, kind-hearted Hasan opens his home to them, having promised ┼×evki to look after them.

Romance is also in the air. Lütfü’s eldest daughter Gül, is a doctor working at a public hospital. Lacking the glamorous airs of her sister, she lives a normal life. Sarp has been in love with her since childhood and his great dream is to marry her one day. He seems to have little chance as she loves another doctor, Kemal.

Living under the same roof, the two families are cast together into comic situations which test everyone’s patience. The luxury-accustomed Özdemirs struggle to adapt and make life difficult for the Civans. Hasan is stuck in the middle trying to mediate as both families head into an uncertain future.