29 Nov 2016

Global Agency has today announced that its hit singing talent format “Keep Your Light Shining” will be premiered on Fox Turkey. It will be titled as “En İyi Ben Söylerim” and the show will be aired on January, 2017 on Fox’s prime time slot.

Keep Your Light Shining is produced by 25 Film, a major Turkish production company that also have produced Chasing The Stars.

The show is now getting ready for its launch in Turkey after travelling many countries around the world, including Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, China, Thailand, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil. It has also been piloted for CBS in America and additionally, the format has been optioned to dozens of countries.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency and the creator of the format, said, “Keep Your Light Shining has been one of the most-talked about formats since we launched it. We have sold the show to many territories around the world and and now, we are happy to announce that the format is set to air in Turkey on Fox, one of the leading tv networks in the country. I am sure that  the show will be a key part of Fox’s programming schedule and I believe it will go on to thrive around the world”.

‘Keep Your Light Shining’ is a singing talent show that lasts 13 weeks. Every episode, 8 contestants take to a circular stage in darkness and prepare to sing a song in turns. With less than 30 seconds to sing in the spotlight, they have to give their best performance before the light moves onto the next singer. At the end of the song, the audience votes and the 3 lowest ranking contestants are up for elimination. However, a jury of 2 celebrity singers can each choose to protect 1 singer and place them in a safe zone. The remaining contestants start with a new song, and one leaves after every round. The competition continues until the last two must face-off in a duet.

At the end of each episode, two contestants will be replaced: the one who made it through to the grand finale and the one who has been eliminated from the competition. The following week, the competition begins again with the remaining seven contestants from the previous show who are now joined by two new contestants.