First Season: 46 x 1 commercial hour
Second Season: 34 x 1 commercial hour
Third Season: Ongoing Production
Weekly, Prime Time

Lia” tells the story of a beautiful former ballet dancer, entangled in a complex love triangle with the handsome Petru and his wife, whose jealousy and vengeance threaten tragedy when she wakes from a coma.

“Lia” tells the passion-filled story of a beautiful former ballet dancer who becomes entangled in a complex love triangle with the handsome Petru and his wife. Destiny draws them into a complex relationship, filled with desire, jealousy and vengeance, that threatens to bring a tragic end to the romance binding them together.

Forced to give up her dream of becoming a ballet dancer to take care of her sick father, Lia loses everything when he dies and moves in with her aunt, her only remaining relative. It is then that she meets the race track owner Petru and her life changes forever.

After a whirlwind romance they marry, only for Lia to discover on her wedding night that Petru already has a wife, Alice, who wakes from a three-year coma that day. In order to remain close, Lia becomes nanny to their child, while flourishing in her career as a model.

The turmoil in their lives peaks when Petru’s enemy, the mobster Gianni Rocca, is released from jail while Alice discovers the relationship between Lia and Petru and plots revenge. When their enemies unite against them, Petru and Lia find themselves in grave danger and must outwit them if their love is to survive.