Love At First Sight

Original Title
Aşk Emek İster
Drama Series
22 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Demir, son of the rich factory-owner Hikmet, returns from the USA, where he was studying. His father is angry with him because even though Demir was in school, he never managed to graduate and earn a diploma. While Demir thinks he will soon be the head of their company, and that his father's anger won't last long, Hikmet has a totally different plan for his son.

In order to make his spoiled son face reality and learn the business from the basics, Hikmet sends Demir to be a worker in one of his factories. This shocks the young man. As the son of the boss, he has to work as an average worker in the factory they own – and he can't even tell anyone who he really is!

Demir opposes his father's orders, but Hikmet finds a way to make him accept his plans. As soon as Demir reluctantly enters the factory, he falls in love with a worker girl named Deniz. From that day on, nothing will be ordinary for Demir and the other colorful characters working there!