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Love Triangle

Original Title
60 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Love Triangle” tells the captivating story of Karim and Zaina, whose love turns to anger and guilt when he abandons her at their wedding, and the chance they have to rekindle romance when fate brings them back together.

Karim and Zaina are head over heels in love and decide to get married, but his snobbish mother is determined to split them up in the romantic comedy “Love Triangle”. Karim inevitably obeys his mother, leaving Zaina heartbroken and alone at the wedding hall. When their paths cross years later, their lives become a whirlwind of jealousy, vengeance and passion.

His cruel decision transforms both their lives. The guilt suffered by the handsome and successful Karim sucks the romance out of him and he buries himself in his work. The charming and beautiful Zaina must be tough and uncompromising to shield her fragile heart during the challenges ahead.

Five years later, Karim runs a hotel chain in America but is planning to return to his hometown to marry his girlfriend Mariam. Zaina now works as a wedding planner and by a twist of fate is chosen to arrange their nuptials by her boss, Mariam’s mother.

When Karim and Zaina meet again they are torn by feelings of anger, regret and longing to rekindle the special love they once shared. With family and friends pulling them in different directions, the two of them must find a way to bring a happy ending to their turbulent love story.