Lucky Room

Game Show
Daily Strip, Access Prime Time

In this studio game show, 3 contestants take part every episode. Their family members are also in the studio, but waiting in a sound-proofed room (The Lucky Room). The family has no audio or visual contact with the studio audience. The host than asks a question, and the contestants must guess the answer. The contestant who gives the closest-to-correct answer is then connected to The Lucky Room where their family members have the right to a single guess. Unknown to them, their guess will be used for the money tree, seen only by the studio audience. There are 5 steps with various prizes on each step. The prize equivalent to the guess is added to the contestant´s bank. The family with the most money by the end of question 12 moves forward to the finale. The contestant plays the finale along with his/her family members. If they are able to answer 4 questions correctly without eliminating any multiple choice answers, they will win the prize total.