Magnificent Century

Original Title
Muhteşem Yüzyıl
Period Drama
Season 1 : 48 x 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2 : 78 x 1 Commercial Hour
Season 3 : 92 x 1 Commercial Hour
Season 4 : 93 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Your majesty, this is a trial for us all. Who is friend; and who is foe? All shall be revealed.

Suleiman the Magnificent becomes entangled in a power struggle between his love, Hurrem and his closest friend and advisor, Ibrahim which leads to intrigues, secrets and death that will shape the destiny of an empire.

Suleiman the Magnificent reigns supreme over Ottoman lands for decades but must first prevail in court intrigues pitting his love Hurrem against his trusted advisor Ibrahim. As the two men travel to Topkapi Palace for his enthronement, she travels as a slave on a ship across the Black Sea.

In Istanbul, she captivates the sultan, becomes his wife, bears his children and helps rule, with scheming and bloodshed, as the empire advances worldwide. Loyal Ibrahim also guides Suleiman, selecting Hurrem himself for the sultan. Thus, he sows the seeds of his own destruction in a fatal struggle between the former slaves.

Hurrem is dazzled by Suleiman’s power and charm, and he is won over by her playful spirit. They fall in love. Enthroned in his heart, she begins plotting against her rival Ibrahim, just as he conspires against her. In a dramatic fall from grace, Ibrahim is destined to lose his head.

As Suleiman conquers the world, his passion for Hurrem comes at a high price. In a ruthless power game, she amasses influence in battles with the sultan’s other women and the Queen Mother. She may fall out of favor but will always claw her way back. After all, in love and war, all is fair.