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Drama Series
41 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

We have our dreams, rather than wings, to let us fly

A chance encounter enables Maral to realize her dream of running top department store Luna, pitting her against rivals hostile to her ambition and drawing her into tumultuous relationships.

Orphaned at a young age and from a humble background, Maral has dreamed since childhood of running Turkey’s leading department store, Luna. Her path towards the goal is beset with ambition, jealousy and rivalries that seek to frustrate her fantasy. Only by clinging onto love can she complete the journey.

Maral gets her foot in the door as a waitress in Luna’s patisserie while studying management at night school. She is soon distracted from her goal when she becomes attracted to Sarp, the wild-at-heart chocolate chef. But their first date is thwarted by a life-changing encounter with store manager Arya.

The daughter of Luna’s owner Halis Feyman, Arya ends up in the firing line after the store makes a major blunder and she is held responsible. Halis' young wife Deniz engineered the mistake as she wants to take Arya’s place as manager.

To add to Arya’s worries, she is pregnant and her partner wants her to have an abortion. Like a guardian angel, Maral appears just in time to save Arya from her despair. Needing time away, Arya asks Maral to take her place as store manager. It is a dream come true for Maral, but she must pay a heavy price.

Maral’s elevation to shop manager immediately puts up a barrier between her and Sarp, frustrating hopes of love blossoming between them. She also has to contend with opposition from store owner Halis Feyman. Once she wins him over, she must deal with a robbery which brings her back down to earth.

To make matters worse, it emerges that the robbery was carried out by Sarp, who is hiding the truth about his background. He is determined to destroy the glamorous world of Luna from within. But his destructive urge is now tempered by his love for Maral and his reluctance to hurt her.

Halis puts Maral to the test by demanding she fire one of the employees over the robbery. At the same time, she must also fight off Deniz, who seeks to replace her as manager of the store. Feeling sympathy for her, Sarp vows to help by driving up shop sales to boost Maral’s standing.

The secret weighing down on Sarp is finally revealed. He is the illegitimate son of Halis. His mother concealed it from him for years, but he discovers the truth by chance and he decides to get close to his father’s world by working within Luna.

Maral herself is transformed by her new role which turns a shy girl into a confident and assertive business woman. Gradually she adapts to the elite world which she has entered. Her real challenge now will be balancing her ambition with the powerful feelings she has for Sarp.