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You can live with secrets, but never with lies

A car accident transforms three people’s lives, drawing them into a triangle of love, lies and revenge that threatens to destroy them, unless love can overcome hate.

A car accident on a rain-soaked road transforms three people’s lives, drawing them into a triangle of love, ambition and revenge. Meryem’s dreams of marriage are shattered. Her lover Oktay sees his career as a prosecutor ruined. Powerful businessman Savaş is helpless as his love slips away.

Meryem dreams Oktay will propose marriage that night, while he ponders how to abandon her to advance his career as a prosecutor. Amid emotional turmoil, he swerves on the slippery road and hits something. “There is nothing to worry about”, he says, they “just hit a barrel”. It is a lie that will haunt them.

Oblivious, Savaş waits at the home where he plans to build a life with Sevinç, despite his father’s opposition. But she, he will discover, has been struck by the car and is dying. At the scene, Oktay thinks only of his career, abandoning her and her unborn baby. Hiding the truth, he orders Meryem to say she was driving.
When Sevinç does not return, Savaş searches frantically along the dark roads. He finds her and collapses, inconsolable. Holding her body in his arms, he feels her life drain away. Consumed by grief and rage, he swears vengeance against the killer.

Out of love, Meryem agrees to take responsibility. When the police come knocking on the door, she makes her false confession. Savaş finds a focus for his anger and, seeking out the case prosecutor, he demands she be given the stiffest punishment.

In a twist that will seal their fates, the prosecutor who walks into court to face the defendant is Oktay himself. His devious betrayal unfolds as he seeks to conceal his crime and get rid of his unwanted lover. He demands that the court sentence Meryem to eight years in prison.

Oktay’s plot is a cruel injustice, but is destined to unravel under the scrutiny of Savaş. When his suspicions are aroused, he resolves to uncover the reality. Meryem too seeks answers as she discovers Oktay’s secret relationship. As their story unfolds, Meryem begins to confess the truth to Savaş.

Her confession brings Oktay and Savaş into direct confrontation. Her and Savaş, meanwhile, are drawn together by their suffering and love slowly begins to blossom. Both are victims of Oktay’s selfish cruelty; both seek justice.

For Oktay, it is unbearable to see their intimacy. He in turn seeks to avenge their budding love. He hatches a plan endangering them all, bringing further death as more secrets emerge.

Through these dark twists, shines the hope of a wedding. Meryem finds herself on the path to marry Savaş. Will love prevail over hatred? Will it protect them from all the lies? Or will Oktay have the last word?