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Mr. Wrong

Original Title
Bay Yanlış
43x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

A lifetime of betrayal destroys Ezgi’s hopes of ever finding Mr. Right and when she meets the womanizer Ozgur it seems a recipe for disaster, but fate, and nagging mothers, conspire to seek a happy ending.

The quest for romance can lead a woman in the wrong direction. No matter how much she seeks Mr. Right, she ends up falling for the wrong man despite her best efforts. Such is the story of Ezgi, whose love life is a sorry tale of deception and betrayal.

Ezgi’s life falls apart when a surprise party for her boyfriend Soner ends in disaster. As she and her friends hide in the darkness of her apartment, Soner enters, in a passionate embrace with his secret lover Seda. When the lights are switched on, Ezgi’s dreams of happiness are smashed apart.

Three months after that trauma, Ezgi still feels miserable and unable to shake off the shock. Soner left her after his betrayal, saying their relationship had lost its spark. Ezgi’s friends try to make her see how she always chooses the wrong men, whether thieves, con artists or philanderers.

Ozgur appears to be another Mr. Wrong. Whether speeding along the sea front in his vintage car, or greeting guests in his restaurant bar, the handsome and wealthy bachelor is always the center of attention. Women around him are always vying to be one of his succession of lovers.

While adrenaline-junkie Ozgur charges from fling to fling, the miserable Ezgi has given up hope of finding love. As her life unravels, she loses her job. With her friends’ help, she sets her sights on building a sensible relationship with a successful gynecologist named Serdar.

But despite their differences, Ozgur and Ezgi have something universal in common: mothers worried about their future. Ezgi’s mother warns her that she will never get married, while Ozgur’s implores him to settle down and have children to keep the family name alive.

Ozgur and Ezgi first meet in his bar. By chance she sees Soner there proposing to a woman, leaving Ezgi devastated. She pours her heart out to Ozgur and becomes so drunk that he checks her into a nearby hotel. He ends up listening to her all night and the two finally kiss, before she sneaks out in the morning.

Forced out of her apartment by Soner, Ezgi ends up by chance with Ozgur as a neighbor. Friendship between them blossoms and Ozgur offers Ezgi help in winning Serdar’s heart. But with Ozgur’s mother pressuring him to get married, he also asks Ezgi to pretend to be his girlfriend for two days.

Ozgur’s mother now starts to see Ezgi as a potential daughter-in law. Ozgur and Ezgi’s stunt has backfired. Ozgur is the Mr. Wrong, dedicated to brief flings, that Ezgi has vowed to avoid after bitter experience. But with them fatefully drawn together, will they both find the happy ending they desire?