My Dangerous Wife

Original Title
Tehlikeli Karım
18x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Did you think I would leave you in the lurch?

Restaurant owner Alper plots to kill his wealthy wife but is thwarted by a mysterious kidnapping, leaving him to a hatch another plan to grab the ransom cash and flee with his lover.

After six years of happy marriage, Alper and Derin’s relationship is torn apart when Alper cheats on his wife. While he is an unsuccessful son from an ordinary family, she is very wealthy. Utterly dependent on her, he uses her family inheritance to finance his restaurant. The trouble starts here.

Alper has an affair with Seda, his business partner at the restaurant. Although they plan for the future, he is reluctant to surrender his wife’s fortune. Derin is unaware of his deception. As they become blinded by their forbidden love, they hatch a terrible plot.

Seda convinces her lover to kill his wife to seize her money. But their scheming is thwarted by another devious plan. The night of the planned poisoning, Derin disappears. A kidnapper demands a $1 million ransom, threatening to kill her if Alper calls the police.

For the would-be murderer, it is a perfect opportunity. Alper calls the police, hoping she will be killed. His callousness betrays him and the police suspect there is more to this story than meets the eye. His plans unravelling, he will seek a way to undo the damage.

Unknown to him, Derin had been plotting herself in a bid to win him back. Full of regret, Alper wants to put the affair behind him too. First, they must shake off the suspicious police inspector as they both face interrogation. The hapless couple’s troubles are far from over.

As the secrets begin to surface, Alper suspects his wife is actually a murderer and he fears he will be the next victim. He feels himself trapped in a corner because Derin has the poison bottle and voice recordings of their plot. Alper is now the hostage.

Discovering the kidnapping was fake, Alper realizes Derin has the ransom money. If he were to get his hands on it, he would be able to flee with Seda to a new life. He resolves to end the marriage once and for all. But with so much money at stake, greed leads to the death of one person.

Finally, when Alper gets his hand on the fortune, five million lira, he will face a battle to hang onto it. He is now ready to head off into the sunset with Seda and get away from Derin forever. But she has other plans, plotting to get back at him with his favorite person, his niece Ayşe.

Handing the divorce papers to Derin, Alper can now flee and find refuge in Seda’s house. Though he thinks she will not allow him to leave, Derin surprises him once again. She has one final request: they will cook their favorite dinner together. She invites Seda too, setting the scene for a final twist.