Trailer (Eng Sub)

My Destiny

Original Title
Serçe Sarayı
Drama Series
28 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

The life of lies is over

When Serçe learns of her late husband’s betrayal she vows to change her life and faces tough decisions as her former love Kadir and the teacher Ali Rıza fight to win her heart.

The widow Serçe’s world is turned upside down when she learns the truth about the late husband whom she loved so much. Living with her two sons and a sister, Serçe struggles to make ends meet in a rundown area among luxurious skyscrapers, near the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul.

The painful reality emerges when Serçe helps her best friend Aliye secretly follow her husband, suspecting that he is having an affair. Eventually they find Aliye’s husband with another woman and discover that the woman had also been the mistress of Serçe’s husband.

To make matters worse, Ramazan also had a child by this woman. Still in mourning for her husband two years after he passed away, the revelation plunges Serçe into deep shock. The loyalty that she had shown to his memory is destroyed and she decides to change her life.

Still reeling from the betrayal of trust, Serçe accepts a marriage proposal from the teacher Ali Rıza. But she gives up on the plan when she realizes he does not want her children. Serçe’s home is owned by her mother-in-law Safiye and when she hears about Serçe’s plans she angrily puts the house up for sale.

Transformed by the trauma of betrayal, Serçe stands firm in the face of those who blame her for what has happened. She decides to buy the house where she and her children live and begins to work in a catering company to pay for it.

The real change in Serçe’s world comes with the return into her life of her first love Kadir, a taxi driver. Kadir had longed to marry her 15 years earlier and had even bought a ring. Now that she is widowed, Kadir sees his opportunity and seeks to find a way back into Serçe’s heart.

However, she is tired of being cheated by people she had loved all her life. In her anger at what Ramazan did, she throws out all her dead husband’s remaining possessions, setting fire to them and making an oath in front of her curious neighbors.

Serçe pledges that her days of trusting others are gone. From now on, she will only have faith in herself and will focus on living and working for herself and on looking after her children. She will also stand tall and full of pride in the face of those who seek to undermine her.

But her heart is also touched by the love which Ali Rıza display for her. She struggles with her feelings for both men as Kadir seeks to regain the trust he lost 15 years ago. He and Ali Rıza become involved in a battle for her heart as Serçe tries to put her life back on track.