Perfect Bride

Wedding Format
24 total: 12 brides, 6 grooms and 6 mothers-in-law
Strip with Weekly, Prime Time Eliminations
Perfect Bride introduces 12 young women who want to get married to 6 young men, but the men bring their mothers along with them!

All the contestants live together for 13 weeks, divided into two houses monitored 24/7, with one house for the grooms and one house for the brides and mothers. The houses are connected and many events are arranged to bring the grooms and potential brides together. Drama mixes with funny and exciting moments, guaranteeing a mass audience for the show. Throughout the romance and flirtations, the mothers are fighting to select a perfect match for their sons.

Each week, the public votes for their favorite mother-in-law by SMS, who then gets to eliminate one of the brides. The following week, it's payback time! The public vote via SMS for their favorite bride who can eliminate a mother-in-law, but her son also has to go with her. At the end of the show, if a young man and woman agree to marry with his mother's full consent, they will be rewarded with a lavish wedding, honeymoon, and other amazing prizes.

The pressure that mothers put on their sons, the timeless conflicts between young women and their mothers-in-law, and the jealousy and competition between young men is all exposed in "Perfect Bride."