Power of Love

Daily, Weekly Prime Time Eliminations
“Power of Love” is a reality show that serves as a social experiment where contestants compete individually, and the goal is to find love. “Power of Love”, the new generation reality show with the theme “love”, includes 7 young women, 7 young men and two separate home decors located in the studio.

The contenders spend 8 hours a day in the studio. For the rest of the day, they are free to do anything. There is only one rule outside the studio: they can NEVER get together. The contenders who are supervised and monitored by the production crew at the studio will be supervised and monitored by people outside the studio. If in their outside lives the studio, any of them gets together with another and are spotted by the viewers, they will be disqualified. The person who spots and reports them will win a cash prize.

Each week, the contender who gets the highest votes from the viewers will win a cash prize. Since male and female contenders compete individually, they must win the viewers votes by being an exemplary contender with his/her general characteristics and behavior in and outside the studio. With the viewers’ votes for each individual contestant, either a male or a female contender becomes the winner.