The Bride of Beirut

220 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

“The Bride of Beirut” tells the captivating love story of the beautiful orphan Thurayya and businessman Fares, and her battle to win acceptance from his powerful family in a mansion fraught with rivalry and jealousy.

The Bride of Beirut” tells the dramatic love story of the beautiful Thurayya and the charismatic businessman Fares, and her battle to win acceptance in the mansion of his powerful family. She must overcome the hostility of her mother-in-law as they battle to make their romance work in a household fraught with rivalry, snobbery and jealousy.

Thurayya grows up as an orphan in Beirut and must grow up quickly, earning her living as a nightclub singer when she meets Fares and her humble life changes forever. Their romance brings a clash of cultures with Fares’ mother Laila determined to protect her family’s strong traditions.

Laila plots to marry off Fares to her friend’s daughter but he is determined to make his relationship with Thurayya work despite the hostility that she faces. The two of them must stand firm if they are to win out against the rivalry, deceit and a desire for revenge of those around them.

But Fares will have to confront a surprise enemy who suddenly appears at the last moment. The Dhaher family mansion, which has stood with all its magnificence throughout almost four centuries, will be shaken to its foundations and every member of the family will have a price to pay.