The Married Game

Dating Game Show
4 men, 1 bachelorette
Daily, Access Prime

“The Married Game” is a captivating game show in which four men, three of them married, compete to convince their date that they are single. If the romance-seeking woman correctly identifies the bachelor she wins a luxury holiday with her new boyfriend, but if she’s wrong the conman and his wife take the prize.

The fun format revolves around four dinner dates that the bachelorette has with the men, knowing that three are deceiving her. Each date take place in the man’s home and either his wife, or a friend if he is single, help prepare the meal and advise him as they secretly watch the date.

The date can move on to another exciting setting, say a sauna or even an airfield, to spice up the occasion. This means fresh opportunities for the man to flirt and persuade the woman he is single while she looks for clues to catch him out as a liar.

In the final episode, they gather at a restaurant and the woman eliminates them one by one to reveal her verdict. The excitement peaks as the wives unmask the liars, leaving the bachelorette delighted or disappointed, winning a luxury trip or seeing the married liar and his wife triumph.